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23 July 2014 by Fabio Pinto on Centos 6 | Mydumper 0.6.1 | Percona 56

Building Mydumper 0.6.1 with Percona 56 on CentOS 6.5

The latest release of Mydumper offers some nifty improvements over the previous version but still does'nt build very well with Mysql 5.6 versions (In my case, Percona 56)

This is due to binary logging features linking to non public API's that have since been removed from MySQL 5.6

In order to build Mydumper with this version you must specifically use these source files. These files are identical to the regular release of Mydumper 0.6.1, excluding the affected binary logging features.

Download all the files into a directory of your choice, ensure that you are inside of that directory and build as follows: cmake . & make

If all goes well, you will see the executables, mydumper & myloader inside the directory.

If you want, add a symlink to /usr/local/bin so usage of mydumper & myloader are easier to access:

ln -s <full path to mydumper download directory>/mydumper /usr/local/bin/mydumper (Repeat for myloader).

Hope this has been helpfull :)