23 July 2014 by Fabio Pinto on Centos 6 | lbzip2 | mysqldump

Inline MySQLDump compression using lbzip2

We've all at some point in time used mysqldump to backup a database. Right? And we all know that databases become extremly large. so in order to help with the size of databases after backup we can use inline bzip2 compression during the mysqldump process. For example : mysqldump -u <

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23 July 2014 by Fabio Pinto on GASMO | Google Apps Sync

Google Apps Sync Office 2013 (Click to run)

Whilst Google has supposedly released GASMO for 2013 Click to run versions, it sadly does not work. If you have Microsoft Office Home and Business or Home and Student attempting to make use of GASSMO will leave you somewhat frustrated. After a bit of digging around and endless attempts I

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